Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Barbara, 75, and Derek, 75

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  • Barbara, 75, and Derek, 75, shared the outcome of their meal at The Ivy, London
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By Alana Kirk For The Daily Mail

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Barbara, 75, (pictured) is a retired, widow who hasn’t dated in 50 years

Barbara, 75

My dating past

I was married for 42 years until my husband died in 2008. He was 25 years older than me — I was 22 and he was 47 when we met. We had a very good, happy life, although we did not have children. I kept him young! Since he died I have looked once or twice at online dating, but never taken it any further.

Pre-date nerves?

I was nervous but not too bad. That was a pleasant surprise, since I haven’t been on a date in years!

First impressions?

I had a gin and tonic until he arrived and when he walked in I was a little surprised. I don’t generally like facial hair and he has a big bushy beard! But he was nice and we had a lovely chat.

Vital statistics 


Current Role: Retired, former PA.

Would like to meet: A perfect gentleman.

Easy to talk to?

He was chatty and we got on well. We talked about our families and his role as a local councillor. I told him about my clubs too, as I’m on the committee of the Brighton & Hove National Trust Association, helping to organise speakers and events.

We had some common interests, like gardening, but we are quite different. He’s more of a country person while I’m a city girl. And he loves travelling around in his caravan, whereas I’d much rather visit far-flung places.

Embarrassing moments?

Not really. It was noisy in the restaurant and we had trouble hearing.

I hadn’t dated for 50 years so I was a bit nervous! 

Did sparks fly?

He wasn’t my cup of tea but I had a lovely time with him, and the date was very enjoyable. I do like dining out!

Did you kiss?

No, just a peck on the cheek as a greeting.

What do you think he thought of you?

Barbara’s verdict: 7/10

Liked? good company. 

Regrets? None at all. So glad i tried it. 

Coffee or Cab? coffee. 

He might have thought I wasn’t right for him either, because I was dressed more smartly than him. It was a shame though. When we left the restaurant we ended up rushing off without swapping numbers, which is what I would have liked to do, if only to say it had been a nice date.

Would you like to take him home to your family?

My niece is my only family, and there wouldn’t be any point in introducing him to her as there isn’t any romance. She is looking online for dates for me, so who knows! Maybe, I will give it another go.

Derek, 75 

Derek, 75, (pictured) is a retired, widow, who lost his wife nearly two years ago

My Dating Past

I lost my wife nearly two years ago, and I never expected to be dating again. Life can be lonely at times sitting at home, or going out to the theatre on my own. I’d love to have a special friend. I’ve dabbled with online dating. I met some lovely ladies, but no romance as yet. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too hasty, but other times I feel there isn’t any point in waiting.

Pre-date nerves?

I was very nervous as I’ve never been on a blind date!

First impressions?

Barbara was already there and I thought she was lovely. She was attractive, well dressed, and friendly — all you can ask for.

Easy to talk to?

Vital statistics 

Widowed, great-grandfather. 

Current role: Retired. Used to repair vending machines. 

Would like to meet: Someone to enjoy the rest of my life with 

It’s hard to meet a stranger, but we found it easy to talk to each other. I felt I ended up doing most of the talking, though. I don’t think we had that much in common other than gardening or going on holidays.I think it’s easier to meet someone who has also been widowed. The Ivy in London was a lovely restaurant, but noisy, so it wasn’t always easy to hear Barbara.

Embarrassing moments?

No. All good.

Did sparks fly?

We laughed a lot and it was easy, but there wasn’t any flirting, just friendship. I enjoyed the whole experience.

As a widower, dating makes me feel like I’m not alone 

Did you kiss?

I gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek when we met and at the end.

What do you think she thought of you?

Derek’s verdict: 8/10

Liked? She was friendly. 

Regrets? None. it’s all good experience. 

Coffee or cab? coffee. 

I don’t know to be quite honest. Hopefully she thought I was OK and friendly. We had coffee after the meal and hugged goodbye, but I’d like to email her to let her know how much I enjoyed the experience.

Would you like to take her home to your family?

She’d get on well with my family. However, they are finding it a little hard to accept that I might want to date, which I understand.

Dating helps me realise there are other people my age out there who feel the same.

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