‘The Bachelor’ Season 24, Episode 7 Recap: This contestant is basically the new Luke P.

Because she’s been there and done that, literally, former Bachelor contestant/tear fountain Ashley Iaconetti is recapping this season of The Bachelor for Cosmopolitan. With insider insight as well as a clear eye for what’s going down both in front of and behind the cameras, read on for her thoughts.


There’s not a ton to break down in this week’s episode. It was the most “what you see is what you get” episode thus far. Like, what am I supposed to say? That Peter needs to choose Madison or he’s an idiot? That’s obvious.

The two mysteries that remain are one, why is Peter keeping Victoria F. around? And two, what the hell happens in the remaining episodes of this season?! That teaser was FANTASTIC! Take a look:

Last week, it seemed like Victoria F. wanted to go home.

She couldn’t definitively state her feelings for Peter during their one-on-one. She seemed freaked out by him being so into her. Then this week, when he wants to revisit the topic, she sasses him saying, “Well, if that’s what you want to use our time together to talk about…” and accuses him of being in “a mood” whenever they get time together.

Victoria says that she feels like her defenses are up because she’s afraid of getting to the end and not being the one he chooses.

Peter reassures her that he would never give her a rose if he knew for sure that he wasn’t going to be with her in the end. But, um, Peter, this is a show in which you have to basically string people on because there are a certain number of episodes that need to air…so…?

Victoria gets the rose first of this week’s three-on-one date.

Peter seems to be most into women who are vulnerable and emotional. Victoria and Peter are kind of like the new Hannah B. and Luke. Their dates often don’t go smoothly and yet, there’s something strong between them that the audience may not understand and that keeps them fighting for their relationship. I’d guess that Victoria is probably Peter’s second favorite next to Madison right now.

I’d guess that Victoria is probably Peter’s second favorite next to Madison right now.

I have a new theory forming after analyzing the teaser.

My prediction: The remainder of the season is going to center on a lot of Madison-based drama, but it’s not going to come from her stirring the pot with the other girls. We know she avoids cattiness, and once the show reaches hometowns, the girls are separated for the remainder of the season anyway.

I think the drama we’ll see stems from Madison’s storyline around her virginity.

Last season, Luke expressed his desire for Hannah to refrain from having sex with anyone else because of his religious beliefs. I speculate that Madison will get upset with Peter in a similar way after he sleeps with another one of his finalists. While I predict this will rattle her, I think the heaviest conflict that will arise in their relationship is that Peter isn’t sure he’s okay with waiting to have sex until marriage. We know he’s a sexual guy. He had sex four times in a windmill one night, for goodness sake. I think Madison’s desire to wait until marriage puts a lot of strain on their relationship. I think he’s going to f*ck up big time somehow.

Ultimately, I think Madison will choose to leave on her own.

I think she’s going to leave without saying goodbye to Peter, and this will be the news that Chris Harrison delivers at the final rose ceremony. In the teaser, we see a sobbing Mrs. Weber pleading for Peter not to let “her” go after the traditional finale parent visit. I think that happens after the parents’ lunch, and that Madison and Peter both expressed that they have doubts about their relationship working out because of their differences when it comes to sex and faith.

Peter’s mom says with tears streaming down her face, “God has placed her there for you.” This reference to God is a subtle indicator to me that she’s referring to the religious Madison. Plus, would a woman cry like this over a girl she just met? No…most likely not. I speculate that Mrs. Weber has been daydreaming of her son being with Madison since their first date at the family’s home on the season premier.

Two side notes…

First, look at how Champagnegate has evolved! Kelsey and Hannah Ann share plenty of chats together, and Kelsey seemed legit ecstatic to see Hannah Ann return to the hotel with a rose in hand. Kelsey and Hannah Ann seem to be the closest friends left in the group.

And second, I really wish Kelley hadn’t demonstrated so much ego this episode. Since the beginning of the show, I’ve loved how she carried herself with such confidence without putting down the other women. She knows she’s a catch, but up until this point she never insinuated that the others weren’t. It was a bad look when she cited her profession as a reason Peter should be more interested in her than the others. As I type this, I’m getting texts from a friend who disagrees with me. She believes that Kelley was just being honest. What do you guys think? Seriously…tweet me!


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