Southern Charm: Danni Baird cries during final reunion show over chlamydia rumor by Madison LeCroy

Madison LeCroy made peace with Danni Baird on Wednesday’s final Southern Charm reunion on Bravo after making her cry by spreading a chlamydia rumor .

The 32-year-old hair stylist also talked about her sex life with Austen Kroll and sniped at Shep Rose.

‘When was the last time you slept together?’ host Andy Cohen, 51, asked Madison about ex Austen nearly the moment she was brought onstage.

Tears flowing: Danni Baird cried during the second and final Southern Charm reunion Wednesday over a chlamydia rumor spread by Madison LeCroy

‘Last night,’ she said, laughing, after Austen, 32, admitted they were ‘friends with benefits.’

Madison famously confronted Austen in his underwear one morning when she found him entertaining two women at his home.

She said she’d later gotten one of the women, a blonde, to admit she hooked up with him.

‘After that, I was like, ”F*** this, I’m done”,’ Madison recalled.

Sex talk: Andy Cohen asked Madison when was the last time she had sex with ex Austen Kroll who she sat next to during the reunion and she replied, ‘Last night’

Andy wondered if perhaps Austen had been too drunk to perform as Austen nodded in agreement.

‘I’ve slept with him when he’s been blackout,’ Madison said, ignoring them.

She was then asked about flirting with Danni’s boyfriend by DM while dating Austen, but she downplayed it, saying that a friend contacted the guy for her.

Together again: Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Meissner, Austen, Kathryn Dennis, Craig Conover, Cameran Eubanks and Shep Rose star on Southern Charm and reunited for the season reunion

Danni, 35, had told their pal Craig Conover, 30, about the DMs and she grew incensed.

‘I’ve heard enough of all of your little chit-chat around town,’ Danni told Madison, explaining that she didn’t know her relationship status when she shared the gossip.

‘Craig took that information, knowing [your] status, and did what he wanted to with it,’ Danni added.

Fed up: Danni grew angry listening to Madison tell her version of events

‘Now you know why I don’t like you, ’cause you started a bunch of s***,’ Madison said.

‘I started nothing,’ Danni replied, calling Madison a ‘bully’ and ‘psycho’ for repeatedly trying to hurt her, when she had simply been trying to ‘mitigate’ the situation with Austen.

‘I have many reasons to be upset with you,’ she warned Madison.

Many reasons: Danni stated that she had ‘many reasons’ to be upset with Madison

On a cast trip to Colorado, Madison announced in front of cameras that Shep Rose, 39, had once given Danni chlamydia.

‘Honestly, at that point, I had so much rage,’ Madison offered. ‘I honestly blacked out as far as saying something I should have never said, and I just feel that I was provoked.’

‘It was really, really hurtful, and humiliating, and not true,’ Danni said, crying.

Not true: Danni during the Colorado trip made it clear the chlamydia rumor was not true

Austen, who’d told Madison about the STD, suggested at the reunion that he may have ‘misconstrued’ a late-night talk with Shep, which no one really understood.

Shep was shown telling Austen in an earlier episode that he should have just told Madison to ‘shut the f*** up,’ a sentiment that their pal Cameran Eubanks, 35, agreed.

‘Jason has told me to shut the f*** up before when I’ve been out of line,’ she said, referring to her husband. ‘And you know what? I shut the f*** up.’

Shuts it: Cameran admitted her husband Jason tells her to ‘shut the f***up’ when she’s out of line and she does

Andy then asked Shep about bringing the two women featured in Austen’s ‘threesome video’ to a party thrown by the Southern Charm doyenne Patricia Altschul, 78.

‘That’s my little way of fighting back,’ Shep said, who’d once called Madison ‘white trash.’

He regretted not being more respectful of Austen and Madison’s relationship.

Good question: Andy asked Shep about bringing the two women featured in Austen’s ‘threesome video’ to a party thrown by the Southern Charm doyenne Patricia Altschul, 78

‘I think he was trying to say he thinks their relationship is a joke, so I’m gonna bring these two girls,’ Danni considered.

‘It was a dick move,’ Austen insisted. ‘You’re a 40-year-old dickhead.’

‘Not yet,’ Shep argued. ’39.’

Not yet: Austen called Shep ‘a 40-year-old dickhead’, but Shep reminded him that he was 39

Andy then asked Austen what the ‘over/under’ on sleeping with Madison that evening was.

‘I have a feeling it’s not gonna happen tonight,’ Austen said, and Madison agreed.

Later, outside the studio, Danni and Madison made up.

‘Honestly, I do feel really f***in’ s***ty about it,’ Madison told her.

Danni seemed willing to mend fences.

Off again: Austen and Madison at the start of the second and final reunion said they were not together, but still having sex

‘I wish you would have called me and told me,’ she said. ‘When the guys get together, it turns into a nightmare. Every single miscommunication we have had has been because of the guys.’

‘Honestly, from now on, I don’t think we’re gonna have any issues,’ Madison affirmed, as they hugged.

When the show opened, the spotlight was on Kathryn Dennis, 28, and her sobriety, which had been an issue in her ongoing custody battle over her children Kensie, five, and Saint, three.

Sobriety spotlight: When the show opened, the spotlight was on Kathryn Dennis, 28, and her sobriety, which had been an issue in her ongoing custody battle

Kathryn recently won temporary joint custody with ex Thomas Ravenel, 57.

The cast thought she might have been drinking before an appearance on Watch What Happens Live’, which friends of theirs had allegedly seen her do.

They implored her to be honest about getting sober, but she said she was trying to stay away from marijuana, not alcohol.

She struggled with her friends ‘weed dinner’ in Colorado, she noted, but she avoided it.

Weed dinner: Kathryn talked about the ‘weed dinner’ during the Colorado trip

‘Everyone felt like they had to cover for you all year,’ her pal Craig explained. ‘No one knew if you were allowed to drink or not.’

‘We would be asked about it and we wouldn’t say it, because we were like, ”Well, s***, it’s not on me to say anything,” so we just said ”no” for the last six months.’

‘We’ve protected you more than you ever know,’ Shep noted.

Looking out: Shep told Kathryn that they’ve been protecting her more than she’ll ever know

Andy asked why Kathryn had ‘gone MIA’ in the days leading up to a cast trip to the Bolt Farm Luxury Treehouses in Charleston, South Carolina.

‘I think that everyone made a bigger deal out of it than it actually was,’ Kathryn said.

‘I’m used to my phone ringing and it being either Thomas or my lawyer, or getting news about something else that’s not good.’

‘I talk to my friends,’ she emphasized, as Chelsea Meissner, 34, bristled. ‘My actual friends.’

Missing star: Kathryn said her friends made too big of a deal out of her being MIA before the girls trip

Kathryn said Thomas was planning to bring her poor communication skills up in court, and suggested that she just couldn’t be a good friend to anyone at the moment.

She had grown close to Madison, however, even having her supervise visitations with her kids.

She said she didn’t want Madison to feel alone, like she once had.

‘It’s hard to see you with the girl that caused [Danni] so much pain,’ Craig pointed out.

Pillow guy: Craig said it was tough seeing Kathryn hanging out with Madison after the pain she caused Danni

The show’s newest cast member, Eliza Limehouse, 23, then joined her pals on the couch.

Andy asked Eliza how hard it was to weather her politician father Chip Limehouse’s very public affair.

‘It wasn’t fun, ’cause we’re so close,’ Eliza confessed, crying. ‘I felt really unwanted and uncomfortable everywhere I went.’

She also felt judged because of her family’s closeness to Kathryn’s ex, Thomas.

‘People, before they even know me, don’t like me because of the family I’ve come from, so that’s something I’ve had to learn I can’t control,’ she volunteered.

Bravo stars: Andy gathered with the stars of Southern Charm during the reunion

Her friendship with Thomas’ other ex, Ashley Jacobs, 34—who had alienated so many cast members with her brusque behavior—raised eyebrows.

She often tried to get Ashley to apologize for the things she said, Eliza insisted.

Andy then turned his focus to Chelsea, who was dating Nick Dana, 32, a professional sailor.

She said she hadn’t introduced him to many of her castmates, as they preferred to spend their brief periods of available time alone together.

New boyfriend: Chelsea also talked about her new boyfriend Nick Dana, a professional sailor

Her dad referred to Chelsea’s ex Austen as a ‘housecat,’ which made the rest of the cast laugh. Chelsea said it was because he thought Austen was ‘kind of a gamer.’

She added that she had forgiven Austen after he sent snippy text messages about her to Madison, understanding that he’d been hounded by viewers after she started dating Nick.

In one of the messages, Austen had mentioned that he needed someone with a high sex drive.

Eliza Limehouse also briefly appeared on the reunion and discussed her friendships with Thomas Ravenel and his ex-girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. 

Sex drive: Austen mentioned in a text that he needed someone with a higher sex drive than ex Chelsea

Shep closed the show with some touching words when Andy asked him to sum up season six.

‘It was a tough one for a lot of us, and we keep doing it, and we have fun doing it,’ Shep considered, as he looked around at the cast.

‘We really enjoy each other’s company. And I’m a better person for having known all of you, that’s for sure. And I’ll always be connected to you, for better or for worse. And I value that.’

Better person: Shep ended the reunion with a toast saying he’s a ‘better person’ for knowing all of them


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