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Looking to rent a room for day use for a romantic encounter?

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Secret Rooms is an online bookingplatform for part-time rental of luxurious rooms in Holland and Belgium.

They have been active since august 2016 and have grown within a year into the market leader.

We work together with hotels, Bed & Breakfast and private sauna rental companies.

Our customers are people who, for various reasons, need to reserve a place for a few hours.

Couple Hotel Booking Day Use

Couple Hotel Booking Day Use

This can be people who have an affair but also young adults who can not go to their own environment.

Many reservations are also made from religious circumstances and single people with children at home.

Secret Rooms is growing fast and expects to process around 100,000 reservations in 2019.

Rooms for rent per hour!

Find your discrete (Air) B & B, hotel room with jacuzzi or private sauna with swimming pool


Use the Free Google Translator Tool to translate the website in your preferred language, but they also speak English!

Whats the difference with a popular hotel booking site like has unique advantages for people who are looking for a room for a few hours: ·

  • Guaranteed discretion and privacy
  • Wide array of choices all around The Netherlands and Belgium
  • Active in all price segments
  • Unique cash payment option
  • Different types of locations, such as: B&B’s, luxury hotels or exclusive private wellness locations

Couple Hotel Booking Day Use

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Love Hotels & Rendez-Vous Hotels

Love Hotels & Rendez-Vous Hotels are very popular in countries around us, but in the Netherlands you can hardly find them. We regret that!

The question is certainly given the more than one million registrations on sites like Second Love, Secret Flirt, Naughty Dating, C date, Rich Meet Beautiful, Victoria Milan and many others.

These sites are usually less than five years old and are already very popular.

Of course there are also a lot of people who meet their lover outside the internet.

Secret Rooms is market leader in hourly and day use room rentals in The Netherlands and Belgium

  • New company, founded in 2016
  • Over 10.000 active visitors each week
  • We operate in over 70 citys or places all over The Netherlands and Belgium
  •  Our customers have given us a rating of 9,5
  •  Our landlords have given us a rating of 9,6

Couple Hotel Booking Day Use

Book here discreet and flexible a hotel room for a few hours or come and enjoy one of our romantic private saunas.

Rent a luxurious room or romantic private sauna per hour?

At Secret Rooms you will find the largest selection!

We handle your data discreetly. We do not share your information. Never. To no one.

Just rent a room if you feel like it. Maybe for one night, maybe for a few hours. Just what you want.

Your secret is safe with us. No dubious statements on your credit card. No unexpected text messages, e-mails or worse: mail.

An affair has its advantages. We know that. And we understand from your own experience what you want.

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About Secret Rooms

Are you cheating with the secretary?

Do you have an affair with your tennis teacher?

Or did you fall in love with the married neighbor?

Then you want to be together for a couple of hours. Relaxed, carefree and without risks. In a nice place. Just the two of you.

We understand that and that is why there are Secret Rooms.

We help you to make beautiful memories. Or just having sex, we also give you that.

How do you find a place where you can quickly and safely experience an intimate adventure?
It is quite difficult to find a suitable room for this.

We know that from our own experience and that is how the idea for Secret Rooms came about.

Frans Kragten and the reason why he founded Secret Rooms

The first time I met her, I searched the Internet for Love Hotels and Rendez-Vous Hotels in the Netherlands. They were virtually non-existent.

Then I called a few hotels asking if I could get a room for a few hours at 10 o’clock in the morning, that was not possible.

I had to check in at 3pm and book for a whole day and night. Eventually I found a nice private sauna, which fully lived up to expectations!

The purpose of Secret Rooms

The question is there and the solution is here.

The goal of Secret Rooms is to give people who are looking for an adventure easier and quicker a nice space.

Through our own experience, we know that matters such as discretion, flexibility, security and adventure are very important.

All these core values ​​are therefore of paramount importance at Secret Rooms.

Our room renters are also aware of our core values ​​and are regularly trained to ensure this.

That way your experience in your Secret Room is always nice and safe!

Our core values


It goes without saying that Secret Rooms handles your personal data very discreetly, especially because it is about ‘secrets’.

The details you enter are only required for the reservation itself.

After you have used a Secret Room, the data is deleted immediately.

Not only we but also the room renters are trained to handle the reservation discreetly and to guarantee your privacy. This way your secret is completely discreetly handled.

Your secret is completely safe with us. Safety, that’s what Secret Rooms guarantees you.

There is nothing worse than getting mail, email or text messages with advertising campaigns from a platform where you can book a room to experience an adventure.

We do not do that either. Never. The chance that you are caught is too big and of course we should not have that.

Discretion is also very important to ourselves: it is the foundation of our organization.

If we have not arranged that properly, we have no right to exist. Our room renters do everything to ensure your privacy. They are even trained and frequently checked for.

With our smart payment options you can pay safely.

Whether you want to pay via Ideal, Creditcard, Paypal or cash, we make sure it’s safe.

For example, there will never be “Secret Rooms” on your statement.

We use your credit card as a guarantee if you choose to pay cash on location. If you have paid, the details of your credit card will be deleted and nobody will see that!

Would you like to know more about how we deal with your payment, for example?

Secret Rooms understands that flexibility is very important, because ‘adventures’ are not always planned when it turns out that you want more than just a cup of coffee.

You just feel like it now and you prefer to lie between the sheets in the coming hours.

It is often difficult to quickly find a room at that moment. Because most reservation sites are not flexible enough.

At Secret Rooms, flexibility is very important.

We have rooms for a few hours and they are immediately available. You do not have to book an overnight stay or wait with check in until 3 p.m.

Because of the direct availability, only pay for the period that you use the room and flexible check-in and check-out, Secret Rooms always has the solution that suits your needs.

Cheating is not only exciting and tasty, but also adventurous.

We understand that experience very well and we will do everything to make the experience in your Secret Room even better.

That’s why we not only have nice rooms with a bed and a bath, but also other exciting and romantic places and locations.

You can, for example, opt for a private sauna or a hotel room with a jacuzzi, a suite or a particularly exciting location.

In the Specials category you will even find more unique experiences.

Tell me, how many people can say that they have been on an adventure in a converted crane? It is also the ultimate surprise for your partner!

Where are the rooms available?








North Brabant



South Holland




West Flanders

East Flanders

Antwerp Limburg

Flemish Brabant

Waals Brabant





Couple Hotel Booking Day Use

Frequently asked questions about Secret Rooms

Is Secret Rooms only for affairs?
No, if you want to be intimate with your own partner in a beautiful special location or want to use one of the packages, then of course you can.

Even couples who just get to know each other and the private wellness visitors regularly book a Secret Room.

Can I also book if I am not 18?
There is always a minimum age of 18 years for all guests. In case of doubt, identification can always be requested. If you do not have a proof of identity with you or you are not 18 years of age or older, you may be denied access and you will still have to pay the full amount.

Are the reviews fair and real?
To ensure the quality and honesty of the reviews, we work together with Kiyoh, an independent review organization.

Why can not I see addresses?
You will receive the address details of the location as soon as a payment or guarantee for cash payment has been made. We do this in order to guarantee the privacy of the location for guests and landlords. The location is always within a radius of 10 km from the mentioned location.

How does the reservation work?
1. You have a nice Secret Room and click on the advertisement

2. Click on the agenda and choose the available date and desired time

3. Fill in your details and if you have a preference for SMS or mail contac

4. The availability is checked again at the landlord

5. If everything is agreed you will receive a confirmation with address details

6. If for any reason it is not possible you will be offered alternatives

7. If you agree with this then of course the room price of the alternative

8. When If you do not want an alternative, your data will be deleted and any payment will be refunded properly.

Can I also pay in cash?

How does cash payment work at Secret Rooms?
Cash payment is only possible if you temporarily provide us with a copy of your valid ID.

When booking you choose cash and then you can upload or take a picture of your ID-proof. Immediately after the cash payment, the information provided is completely removed from our systems. The ID certificate is only used as security for the reservation.

Are my personal details and data safe?
We are extremely discreet and only retain data that is really needed. The data is temporarily stored in our digital safe. They are removed at the time the booking is completed.

What can I upload as an identity card?
As a guarantee we can accept Dutch, Belgian and German passports, driving licenses and ID cards. Unfortunately, proofs of identity from other countries or residence permits for a definite and indefinite period are not accepted

Why is a copy of my ID required if I want to pay in cash?
Our landlords have the day and time reserved for you! If you do not show up, they have no income. without this guarantee we can not find landlords who want to offer rooms based on cash payment.

Why do I have to upload a copy of a proof of identity?
We understand that providing data can be difficult, you do not opt ​​for cash payment for nothing.

That is why we assure you that the information provided by you will be dealt with very discreetly.

They are only used in case you do not pay or do not show up on the agreed day and time.

If this is the case, we first contact you several times to discuss how we can solve the situation neatly. If you do not want to work with this or do not respond, we are forced to settle the situation through a collection organization.


couple happy hotel booking day use hotel room per hour

Reservations, confirm and address details
When will I receive the confirmation of my reservation?
Once the payment method is agreed, the landlord receives a request to accept the reservation. When the landlord approves the reservation, you will receive the confirmation including address details.

When will I receive the address?
If the reservation is received in good order, you will receive an SMS or e-mail. Here are no address details because the landlord must first accept the reservation. This usually takes a few hours. In urgent reservations, we always contact the landlord by telephone to send the confirmation as soon as possible!

What happens if the room is not available but I have paid?
In that case you will receive an alternative from us. If the alternative is good and costs you have to pay extra. If the alternative costs less, you will be refunded an amount. If the alternative is not right, you will be refunded the full amount immediately.

Can I spend the night in a Secret Room?
Overnight stays are always displayed as a fixed time block on the site with check-in time, check-out time and the price for that date. You will see this when you click on the calendar on the room page and select a date. Is there no overnight stay block on the desired day? Then unfortunately this has already been booked.

How can I see if a room is available?
If you have found a nice Secret Room you will reach the so-called room page. Here you will find all the information and photos of the location together with the availability and the price. If you click on the red bar with the calendar you can select a date. The dates are marked in three colors: Green is still available all day, Yellow is partly available and Red is no longer available

Can I reserve for more than 2 people?
You can stay with more than 2 people if this is offered in the packages. Some landlords prefer this not or the location is not suitable for it. That is why the packages are not offered. You can find the packages at the bottom of the room page.

How can I make a reservation shortly beforehand?
Last minutes are our specialty but we need at least an hour to process reservations. At some locations longer depending on the availability and response time of the landlord. Our smart agenda takes this into account so you only get to see which times are still available.

Can I spend the night in a Secret Room?
Yes, it is possible to stay overnight if the accommodation offers this in an arrangement. This can vary per accommodation.

How does the reservation work?
You can find a nice room and book it
You pay for the room or provide a copy of your ID if you have opted for cash
The availability is checked again at the landlord
If everything is agreed, you will receive a confirmation with address details
If for any reason it is not possible you will get an alternative from Secret Rooms
If you agree with this, then of course the room price of the alternative
If you do not agree with the alternative, you will receive a full refund and your data will be deleted

Change or change reservation
Can I change the reservation to a different date?
It is possible to change the reservation to another date, this can only be done up to 48 hours before check-in. For every time you change, you will be charged € 15, – for changeover costs that you can pay in cash on location. If you want to change the reservation, we need a new date immediately, otherwise we can not process the rebooking.

Can I change the reservation and arrangements after confirmation?
It is possible to change the reservation. For example, you can book an arrangement or shy away from the reservation. Of course no service costs are charged for this. It is not possible to shorten the length of stay. Arrangements can not be canceled if costs have already been incurred.

Cancel and no show
What happens if I do not show up?
With a so-called ‘no-show’ you will not receive the money that has already been paid and in the case of the choice for cash payment the full amount will be claimed. We offer you the opportunity to pay the payment discreetly. In the event of non-payment, a collection procedure can be started against you. You agree to this by agreeing to the terms and conditions.

What are the cancellation conditions?
If you want to cancel, there are costs involved, depending on when you cancel. up to 14 days before check-in = 25% + possible service costs 13 days to 48 hours of check in = 50% + possible service costs Within 48 hours of check-in = 100% We often advise to move the reservation to another date. This is often more advantageous since here only € 15, – is charged for changeover costs. For more information see FAQ Changing or rescheduling reservations

How does the cancellation scheme work with online payment?
In case of an online cancellation paid online, we ensure that, if applicable, the outstanding amount is returned to the contra account via the same payment method. Here you will receive a confirmation by mail or SMS and will then be expected to be on your account within 2 working days.

How does the cancellation scheme work with cash payment?
In the event of a cancellation of a reservation that would be paid in cash, you will receive a payment request to pay the cancellation costs in accordance with the conditions or to pay in cash on location. If you do not pay after 1 week or do not hear from you, you will receive a second payment request. If we do not receive a response after the legal 15 days here, we are forced to transfer the situation to a debt collection organization. These work less discrete and there are additional costs involved that are fully recovered from the tenant. Of course we do everything we can to solve it neatly together.

Online payments
What payment methods can I pay online?
You can easily pay via Secret Rooms via iDeal, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Bancontact. iDeal is free, for the other payment methods € 4.50 of transaction costs are charged on top of the room rate.

Can not trace my statements?
We do our best to make the payment as anonymously as possible. There will not be written in bold letters: ‘Depreciating Secret Rooms’, but foundation third-party money … concerning … which can not be traced back to Secret Rooms.

How does Secret Rooms guarantee my anonymity?
Does my partner or environment not find out?
We can not give a 100% guarantee, but we do our best to minimize the chance of this. So you can choose whether we send you the reservation confirmation via SMS or email.

Are the landlords reliable?
We visit all our locations personally and only work together if there is enough privacy, professionalism and trust with the landlord. Our procedures have been developed in such a way that check-in goes smoothly and quickly. In addition, we do not send data to third parties, who are safe with us.

What happens to my other data?
We only ask for the data that we really need and your data will be immediately removed from our systems once the reservation has been completed. Only your name and chosen communication method (SMS or email) will be forwarded to the landlord, further everything will go through us.

Are my details safe?
We do not store personal information and have very good security systems available to protect your data during and after the reservation process.

Do I not receive advertising or offers?
Secret Rooms never sends advertising by mail, SMS or to a home address. Your anonymity remains guaranteed!

Does Secret Rooms work with Cookies?
We use Cookies as little as possible and remove them regularly. We always recommend to regularly delete your Cookies.

How does the review system work?
How do you collect reviews?
When booking you can indicate on the data page if you want to fill in a review. Here you will receive a message by e-mail or SMS if the reservation has been successfully completed. You can complete the review in less than 1 minute and it will be placed anonymously on the site, if desired.

How do you deal with feedback?
Of course we take all feedback seriously and we look at how we can improve our services at all times!

Couple Hotel Booking Day Use