Rihanna fans were expecting the singer to drop her long-rumored album, R9, at some point in 2019. When New Year’s Eve came and went without the album being released, fans were very disappointed, taking to Twitter to complain.

Rihanna herself previously confirmed that the album was supposed to see a release  in 2019, and even released snippets of her in the studio, reaffirming the belief among her fans that the album would be here soon. The singer’s label, Def Jam Recordings, recently shared a cryptic message on Twitter, further fuelling expectations.

Alas, the album did not drop and Rihanna fans worldwide were left bitterly disappointed. Check out some of the best reactions and memes below.

The disappointment kicked in quick

With all her business endeavors, Rihanna is booked and busy

Some fans are taking it lightly…

Rihanna said we’d get the album in 2019 so stop calling her a liar and start thanking her for extending the calendar year. Happy December 32nd. Sit there and eat your food.

— ˚⁺˳༚. nigor mortis (@cassidysabrina) January 1, 2020

Congrats to @Rihanna on a new record! Rihanna has officially broken the record for the most times a celebrity has lied to his/her own fanbase, after failing to release her ninth studio album in 2019 as promised. A warrant has been sent out for her arrest. pic.twitter.com/NFdsObZc5p

— Guinness World Records 🅛 (@GuinnessWorId) January 2, 2020

…while others are planning to take matters into their own hands

instead of y’all hacking celebrities phones and twitter accounts why don’t y’all make yourselves useful and hack Rihanna’s laptop and release the new album pic.twitter.com/K7M4ygrABG

— c (@chuuzus) December 31, 2019

After all, Riri is in good company

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