Jill Duggar promotes a book of SEX GAMES on Instagram

If Jill Duggar ever manages to get back on TLC’s Counting On, producers may want to make ‘bow chicka wow wow’ the new theme song. 

The 28-year-old may have waited until her wedding day for her first kiss, but since tying the knot with 31-year-old Derick Dillard, she’s really dived in head-first when it comes keeping her sex life interesting — and, it seems, shouting about her libido from the rooftops.

On Monday, Jill took to Instagram to promote The Dating Divas’ book ‘Year of Sexy Date Nights,’ encouraging couples — with rings on their fingers, naturally — to play games like Word Play Foreplay, Naughty Pictionary, and Strip Never Have I Ever in order to keep things spicy in the bedroom.

Picture this: Jill Duggar, 28, has partnered with romance brand The Dating Divas and promoted their Year of Sexy Date Nights book

Look ma, I like sex games! She took to Instagram on Monday to tell couples about the brand

Getting experimental: She called out the ‘Year of Sexy Date Nights,’ which is filled with ‘bedroom games and sexy activities’

Legs shut until the wedding: Jill only believes in sex within a marriage, and she did specify that the games are fun for one’s ‘spouse’

The Instagram Stories posts were part of a paid partnership. But whereas in the past she and her sisters have promoted clothing brands, beauty companies, health food, and children’s toys, Jill is now going in a more R-rated direction.

‘OK couples,’ she wrote. ‘If you haven’t heard of @datingdivas you’re missing out.’

She went on to promote the Year of Sexy Date Nights book, providing a link and pictures while gushing that it includes ‘such fun spouse date games.’

The libidinous mother-of-two added that she was ‘so excited’ to get hers in the mail, presumably so she and Derick could enjoy some raunchy naked fun of their own as soon as possible.

The $45 book includes 12 sexy games that couples can play — and a quick overview of their names makes it clear why Jill, who saved nearly all physical contact including front-facing hugs for her husband, thinks its for married couples only.

Next season, on Counting On… The games include a Steamy Bucket list that has check boxes for sex in a car, ‘lustful licks,’ cuddling naked, and blindfolding a partner

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Players of Word Play Foreplay are challenged to write things like ‘an animal that reminds you of your spouse in bed’

Take it off! Another game in the book is Strip Never Have I Ever — which is tough for Jill, who’d never even kissed anyone before her husband

When the camera crew’s away… Other games include ‘Spicy Pictionary,’ the Newlywed in Bed game, and Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Games include Word Play Foreplay, described as ‘a spicy twist on Scattegories.’ Players are challenged to talk about their sex lives, listing things like ’emotion you feel when your spouse gets naked,’ ‘an animal that reminds you of your spouse in bed,’ and ‘a kitchen object that could be used in the bedroom.’

The Steamy ABCs Bucket List includes things like using a blindfold, exploring each other, using a feather tickler, wearing a G-string, employing handcuffs, trying ‘lustful licks,’ and doing it in the car.

To play Naked Slumber Party, the couple is instructed to spend the whole evening in the nude to ‘build anticipation,’ which can include having a sexy nude pillow fight.

Rules for the pillow fight inexplicably include ‘no smothering your opponent,’ which is generally good if not obvious advice.

There’s also the Good Morning Breakfast Date, Spicy Pictionary, Sexy Shopping, Sexy Scavenger Hunt, Hotzee Dice Game, the Newlywed in Bed game, Strip Never Have I Ever, a Between the Sheets Surprise, and positions dice. 

The book also appears to include some cutesy pages, including one reading: ‘If a relationship is going good… no one wears the pants.’

When modesty goes out the window! For sexy shopping, players seem to try on lingerie from their own collections

Call Aunt Jana, someone needs a babysitter! More games include a hot twist on Yahtzee, a Between the Sheets Surprise, and positions dice

No erotic asphyxiation, guys! One of the rules for having a pillow fight in this naked slumber party is not to smother one’s partner, which one would hope didn’t need to be stated

Isn’t it ironic? Jill, who followed strict standards of modesty growing up, only wore skirts and dresses until she said ‘I do’

That particular page is especially ironic given that Jill, who followed strict standards of modesty growing up, only wore skirts and dresses until she said ‘I do.’

The brand selling the book offers several other sex-focused games and products, and the ever erotically-minded Jill has plugged the company before.

In late June, she and husband Derick celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a trip to romance hotspot Branson, Missouri.

When Jill posted her photos from the mini vacation, fans were shocked that she included a snap of sex game and a copy of ‘The Little Black Book of Kama Sutra — which they had neatly placed on the same table as the Bible.

The image was even more jarring considering it was included in the same gallery as one of Jill and Derick excited over seeing Toy Story 4.  

But Jill seemed to make sure that followers would notice the book title, standing it up prominently to face the camera. 

The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Sanskrit text, is considered one of the most famous books about erotic love. It includes passages on topics including foreplay, group sex, homosexual sex acts, adultery, prostitution, and ways to please a lover.

Next to the book on the table was also a ‘Bedroom Edition’ of an intimacy game from the Dating Divas, with a visible card reading ‘Sweet Seduction.’

Jill didn’t mention the Kama Sutra in her caption, rather letting it speak for itself, but she did point out the game. 

Hot, steamy Duggar sex! Jill Duggar previously shared this photo showing her copy of the Kama Sutra (top right) and a sexy bedroom game from the Dating Divas (left)

Sweet fellowship: She and her husband Derick Dillard, 31, showed no embarrassment about making such an explicit and public statement about her sex life

The couple has been married for five years and recently went to Branson, Missouri for their anniversary 

‘Thanks @datingdivas for the fun games and ideas! If you don’t know about them, check them out!! They’ve got lots of fun, clean, date/marriage tips and ideas!  

If Jill was hoping to get attention for the post, she succeeded.

Hundreds of people left comments, most calling out the Kama Sutra in particular. While some cheered her on, many found the picture problematic.

Some more conservative religious fans found the post distasteful.

‘No offense to y’all but I don’t want to know what goes on in between the sheets! Please keep it PG remember you were raised a Christian,’ wrote one.

‘Really shocked Jill. You’ve always been a massive role model for me. Right from when I was first converted. This has really bummed me out,’ wrote another.

A few commenters even chastised Jill for straying from Christianity, pointing to the Kama Sutra’s Hindu roots.

‘Am surprised you would read the Kama Sutra, it is Hindu. You are inviting Satan into your marriage,’ wrote one. 

But it wasn’t just pearl-clutching fundamentalists who saw an issue: Commenters who identified themselves as more liberal didn’t like it, either.

‘Some things should be private and that’s it,’ wrote a woman who identified as a ‘liberal atheist bisexual woman’. 

‘Especially while preaching modesty by Bible standards at the same time that you’re telling the world what you do inside your bedroom … to thousands and thousands of people.’ 

Awkward! Jill shared a caption positively packed with emojis — and also tagged her mother-in-law, @cldilla, to thank her for watching her sons

The devil did it: Fellow Christians expressed disappointment in her — with a few chastising her for reading a book ‘grounded in Hinduism’ and ‘inviting Satan into [her] marriage’

‘Why oh why do you feel the need to post this?’ asked another. ‘You wear modest clothing to keep your body covered, yet you share intimate details about your sex life with the world? This is very odd to me.’ 

‘Whoa. I don’t consider myself to be a prude, but I also don’t think we need to know about your bedroom games. Waaaaaay TMI, Jill,’ said one more.

Several also found it cringe-inducing that Jill tagged her mother-in-law in the caption. 

Jill later updated the post to clarify that they were using an edited version of the Kama Sutra — and they absolutely do not condone homosexuality.

She did not, however, deny embracing many of the other erotic details of the book. 

‘Note: We are not recommending the Kama Sutra,’ she wrote after the the post made headlines, as she likely intended. 

‘We believe marriage is ordained by God and husbands and wives should filter everything they read and hear together through the [lens] of the Bible and not practice anything unbiblical.  

Some things stay private! Other commenters who identified as non-conservative also found the whole thing to be an overshare

‘The little book pictured is a modern, smaller, cleaner, edited version that doesn’t focus on spiritual aspects, homosexual, or other extramarital relationships, and again, we don’t take everything in there either as the truth.

‘It is always good to be aware and careful of what we allow into our minds, hearts and marriages,’ she went on. 

‘We’ve not read the actual Kama Sutra and only promote biblical marriage (i.e. between a man and woman who are married). We just wanted to clarify since there has been a lot of discussion after this post.’

Jill has been shockingly outspoken about her sex life lately, and left jaws on the floor when she shared a blog post with a list of her most helpful marriage advice. 

She encouraged couples to have frequent sex, to save sex only for each other (in other words, no masturbating), and to do sexy things like have the wife rub lotion on while her husband watches.

The post started off innocently enough, with Jill quoting bible verses like: ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.’

But as soon as she delved into practical advice for ‘ways we can love our husbands,’ sex talk was on the table. 

First point of advice: Have lots and lots of sex with your husband.

Do it, ladies! The mother-of-two similarly shocked followers with a blog post detailing her marriage advice

Gettin’ frisky! Jill said wives should have sex with their husbands often, three to four times a week to start

‘Have sex often!’ she wrote. ‘You both need this time together regularly (3-4 times a week is a good start. lol).’

Sometimes, she admitted, it’s not possible to have sex at least every other day, and referenced possible health issues. Though she didn’t name any specifics, Jill did go undergo C-sections with both of her sons.

‘And when you may not be able to actually have intercourse for a period of time or for health issues, find other ways to have fun and be intimate,’ she said. ‘Let your spouse know that you’re a;ways available.’ 

Referencing masturbation, she added: ‘Guard against fulfilling sexual desires alone.’

‘Be open with your spouse about your desires and change things up to keep it exciting! (Philippians 2:3-4; 1 Corinthians 7:5),’ she went on.

‘If you’re struggling with sex with your spouse, GET HELP! See a doctor and/or licensed counselor and don’t be afraid to get second opinions!’ 

Jill also advised that wives ‘get new lingerie (online is an easy way to buy!) as a surprise gift for birthdays, holidays, vacations or whenever!’ and go to bed ‘fresh’. 

‘Showering in the evening (and sometimes before he gets home if you arrive home before him!), and even putting on fragrant lotion in front of him can be another way to say “I care” and “you’re important to me,” and lets him know you’re up for fun whenever he is,’ she wrote. 

Family planning: The couple has two children, a four-year-old named Israel and a one-year-old named Samuel

Jill is clearly ‘up for fun’ the moment her husband walks through the door — and suggested that wives ‘run’ to their husbands when they get home ‘like you may have done when you were first dating.’ 

‘And if the kids are gone, have fun with it! Be crazy with your hubby!’ she added.

Finally on the sex front, she said to ‘give at least a 6 second kiss when coming and going’ and ‘be confident about your body’ even if you’re feeling insecure.

‘Chances are, he is less concerned about the things you’re worried about him not liking than you are,’ she wrote. 

‘He will be happier when you are confident about yourself. And if there are things you can change or do to be more confident about yourself, then maybe it’s worth doing, or setting a goal to eventually get there!’ 

Jill’s frank sex talk came as quite as a surprise for those familiar with the Duggars. Following the rules set by her parents Michelle and Jim Bob, Jill and her siblings have all followed incredibly strict standards when it comes to dating and contact with the opposite sex.

Rather than date traditionally, the Duggars prefer ‘courtship,’ which they say is ‘dating with a purpose.’  

Not holding back: Jill’s tips were uncharacteristically candid about sex

Typically, this involves the young man asking for the permission of the young woman’s parents, and the couple gets to know each other on supervised dates on which they are always accompanied by chaperones.

During that time, physical contact is limited to side-hugs, which prevent the scandalous full-frontal contact of the two bodies. The Duggars’ parents have also been included on text message chains.

Chaperons continue supervising a couple through their engagement, during which time they can add hand-holding to their side hugs.

However, kissing — and everything that comes after it — is saved for the wedding.

When Jill married Derick in 2014, they shared their first kiss at the altar in front of their friends and family.

The Duggars also adhere to conservative modesty standards in terms of dress and were taught not to use birth control. Jim Bob and Michelle left family planning up to God, welcoming as many babies as divine intervention would allow — and it seems so far that most of their children are following in their footsteps.

But Jill’s recent explicit sex talk is a break from family tradition. Her siblings have mostly not referred to sex at all — except in the case of older brother Josh’s dating profiles on sites like Ashley Madison, as well as his apology for porn addiction and adultery. 

Taking abstinence to a new level: Jill and Derick married in 2014 and didn’t share their first kiss until their wedding day

Her mother Michelle has only said that wives should be ‘joyfully available’ to their husbands, since only they can meet their physical needs. 

Jill’s advice did move beyond just sex, though, as she told wives to ‘encourage your hubby, serve him and meet his needs’ and to ‘look nice for him’ even when they’d prefer to wear PJs and go without makeup.

‘Make sure that a few times a week you enjoy time together looking like you would hanging out when you were dating!’ she wrote. ‘Plus, even if you work from home, just getting fixed up in the morning can give you a boost to your day!’

She said not to name-call, even as a joke, and to always be ‘grateful’ and look for ways to ‘praise him’ in front of others.  

‘While security for wives is usually of utmost importance, respect is probably most important for most husbands! Ask your hubby what you do that makes him feel respected, and ask him in what other ways that he thinks you could show him more respect,’ she wrote. 

To that end, nagging is a no-no, according to Jill: ‘Never allow your husband to think you’re his mother! Whether it’s making demands, delegating, or licking your finger and wiping something off his face… 

‘If he says “I feel like you’re my mother when you…” then pay attention to that and ask him what you can to do change/how to handle the situation the next time!’

By that same token, she said to remember that ‘your husband is not your dad.’ 

Mom and dad are watching! Jim Bob and Michelle advised their kids not to have more contact than ‘side hugs’ before getting engaged, and then they can hold hands

Army for God: The couple has 19 kids of their own and don’t believe in birth control

‘You are teammates and he is your God-given protector. Keep this in mind and let it shape the way you relate,’ she wrote.

Interestingly, Jill also advocated for counseling when something goes wrong in a marriage, and encouraged women to leave abusive husbands. 

‘If you are in an abusive relationship, do NOT stay!’ she wrote. ‘Report immediately to the authorities, get help and find a safe place to stay and get counseling from a licensed christian counselor!’ 

That particular advice stands out in light of her family’s own public scandals.

In the summer of 2015, InTouch magazine unearthed reports that Josh, now 31, had molested four of his younger sisters and a fifth child back when he was a teenager. 

Josh had admitted to his parents in 2002 that he touched the breast area and genitals of the other children, including sisters Jill and Jessa, several times. Josh went to Christian counseling for several months as a result.  

After the news came to light, TLC cancelled the Duggars’ show, 19 Kids and Counting — which has since been resurrected under a new name, Counting On.

But it was only the first of the scandals. That same summer — just a month after Josh and Anna welcomed their fourth child — when a hacker released user information for the adultery website Ashley Madison and Josh was found among those who had used the services. 

That’s new: Duggars haven’t historically spoken openly about sex — except when it came to oldest sibling Josh’s sex scandals 

Stuck forever: Josh and Anna are now expecting six kids, and it seems Anna has forgiven him for cheating on her and using websites like Ashley Madison 

His profile included interests like ‘one-night stands and ‘experimenting with sex toys.’

Josh admitted publicly to infidelity and having a porn addiction, calling himself ‘the biggest hypocrite ever’ in a statement.

‘While espousing faith and family values, I have secretly over the last several years been viewing pornography on the internet and this became a secret addiction and I became unfaithful to my wife,’ he wrote.

‘I am so ashamed of the double life that I have been living and am grieved for the hurt, pain and disgrace my sin has caused my wife and family, and most of all Jesus and all those who profess faith in Him.’

Anna famously stuck by him, moving into his parents’ house with their children while Josh sought out more Christian counseling treatment.

Together, they have five children: nine-year-old Mackynzie, seven-year-old Michael, six-year-old Marcus, three-year-old Meredith, and one-year-old Mason. 

They recently announced that they are expecting their sixth in November, another little girl.

Josiah, 22, and his wife Lauren, 20, are also expecting a daughter after Lauren suffered a miscarriage last year.

Joe, 24, and his wife Kendra, 20, are expecting a daughter as well, and John David, 29, and his wife Abbie, 26, are also awaiting a new arrival.


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