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Many men are attracted to older women.

Older women and MILFs have become something special.

They are more experienced, whine less – and they can still look pretty good too.

And don’t forget… they are usually more succesful in life as they have already established their career… financially!

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The do’s and don’ts of seducing an older woman:

  • As the essential difference between ‘young’ and older women – and how to deal with them
  • The benefits of dating older women – you’ll be surprised what these advantages are
  • How older women (MILF’s) approach life and how to deal with that in order to make maximum use of this stance
  • The specific method how to be attractive to an older woman and how yoBestu must seduce her – it is completely different than for younger women
  • Which fantasies to play for of a MILF so she will melt for youe
  • What is the greatest need of an older woman is and how you can use ths information
  • and much more…


Ok, before we start with the seven tips to get older women in bed, here’s a short disclaimer:

We are going to talk here about the ages of 30-50. If grannies are your thing, sorry bro, this is not for you.

But if you want to have sex with a 30-50 year old woman, this is the perfect place to learn.

decorating milf

Here are the tips:

Before you start seducing, it is important that you know the following:

Understand the difference between older and younger women

Most men are attracted to younger women.

Women in the age range 18-25. That is of course very logical. These women are young and therefore more beautiful and youthful.

But wait.

Why would you go for older woman anyway?

3 reasons to meet older women

Reason 1: She’s better in bed

Older women nowadays havee more experience in bed. She knows what she likes and (if all goes well) had a lot more sex than a young woman.

Reason 2: They do not nag and you experience less drama

Young women are known to whine, provide drama and can be irritating like a child. Older women have much less of this.

Reason 3: She has more confidence

Older women are often much more sure of herself.

They doubt less, are less uncertain and therefore much nicer to deal with than younger women.

These three reasons are the difference between older women and young women.

So keep in mind the fact that she is confident, that she is calmer and that she is more open about sex with you.

This leads to the next point:

2. What older women want from a younger man

Now you know what those older women and milfs can be like.

But why should older women desire younger men?

Why don’t they want a relationship with men their own age?

Look, what you must understand is this:

Mature women are constantly competing with new young women.

Every day she gets older, there will be a new girl that will turn 18, and of course this girl will be young and pretty.

So it gets more and more competitive there.

The Achilles heel of older women

Older women and MILFs have one weakness. That is they crave praise and attention from men.

When she gets older the compliments, attention and flirting will diminish but she still needs it!

She needs to feel young and attractive again

She wants you to look at her from head to toe, they want you to give her compliments about her body.

She thinks about: “There is a 20 year old boy in front of me who finds me sexy “.

Tip: To make her feel sexy, desired and attractive is very important if you want to seduce a married woman.

If indeed you are so young, there is one thing that you absolutely do not want to do:

Why you do NOT need to be dominant

This is a big mistake that many men make.

Mature women are are accustomed to be dominant and leading the way, because that is what they need to do to survive in life.

However, when they are young, you can be dominant, but it won’t work when they are older and more experiences in life.

You can try to be very dominant over a woman when she is 35 – 50, but it will be difficult.

However, secretly they like to be dominated… a strong man who knows what he wants.

Women over 30  years old are already dominant by themselves

If you try to be dominant with an older woman, it will come across as strange.

She is after all 10, 15 or even 20 years older than you.

Naturally they have more life experience with men, she knows how to behave and they are not as naive as a 20-year-old deer.

So for the most part let her take charge and do not try to compete with her.

Instead, what you want to do is this:

Show that you desire her and want to seduce her

Do you remember her Achilles heel?


She wants to feel ‘wanted’.

She wants to feel young and attractive again.

Then concentrate on doing this. Show that you want and desire her.

But don’t be cheesy. Flirt.

You can do that by lightly touching her, and slight sexual innuendos.

Be subtle and classy. Never be vulgar!

How to deal with a mature woman’s age

One of the most difficult things about seducing a milf is the age thing.older women dating

– What if she asks how old you are?

– Should you ask about here age?

What you do is never ask a normal question about her age.

Be playful about the age difference

Say things like:

Have you ever had a toyboy?

You have no idea how sexy you are, I just do not think you can even handle me at your age ”

You can clearly see that you were very beautiful woman once” (the latter with a big smile of course).

By saying all these things, you can make the conversation much more exciting.

You play with her toy boy fantasy (where she will be the dominant).

You’ll have a fun conversation with her without it being obvious you are taking the lead.

Do not say stupid things

If there is one thing to screw up opportunities to women, is saying stupid things.

And let’s face it, saying these things to young women it is not so bad, because they themselves say silly things.

But older women have less tolerance for that.

So do not say things like:be still

What do you do for a living?

Aren’t  you married?

What are you studying?

So how do you talk to older women?

Very simple.

You let her do the talking!

This way you don’t have to keep the conversation going yourself, she will do that

Getting her into bed

After you have done all this, you go to her home for a one night stand or maybe more.

What happens after a one night stand:


For an older woman, a one night stand is no big deal anymore.

They can even use you for sex. And they often will openly admit to this too.

While a 20-year-old woman will try to keep up appearances about a one night stand.

How do you know if she wants than just a one night stand?

  • You didn’t do well in bed?
  • She is married and she has children and she is a real MILF?
  • or there is another reason why she doesn’t want to see you anymore?

Often, she will be quite clear about it.

They will let you know it’s a one-off.

How about dating a mature woman or milf?

If you were good in bed, whether she is single or not, it won’t matter much if she is cheating, she will want to date you.

Lucky you.

What she’ll do is try to get you back and be her (secret) boyfriend.

But she will be much less subtle about it than her younger competitors.

Her plea bargain will be sex and she knows how to use it.

How wonderful is that ?;)

Should you have a relationship with an older woman?

Some guy had a relationship for 2 years with a woman of 30+

One problem that might arise is that you are in a completely different phase of your lives.

She already has an established job, older friends and perhaps she wants (more) kids.

Be aware that she might want to speed up the relationship.

So take care of contraceptives. Always use your own!

Happy Hunting!

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