Frisky Rant: در مورد افرادی که کتابها را توسط زنان نمی خوانند

Translating… It wasn’t long after I started using OK Cupid in late 2014 that I realized I was just looking at the same guy over and over and over. Bearded, goofy, self-effacing, liberal arts major, non-religious, burgeoning career, presents as worldly — basically, hipsters. But that’s not why I say “the same guy.”  I say … Read more

Dating-App: Tinder، meine Lügen und ich

Translating… © Kniel Synnatzschke/​plainpicture Z Exklusiv für Abonnenten Im Leben ist er ein feiner Kerl, ehrlich, zuvorkommend, korrekt. Aber beim Onlinedating wird er, wie er selbst sagt, zum Arsch: Ein Mann erkennt sich nicht wieder. Von Adrian Laubmayer Zwar sind mehr als 60 Prozent aller Alleinstehenden zufrieden mit ihrem Leben, jedoch nur zehn Prozent davon sind … Read more

وینای منون: Peloton سکسیسم را با آگهی تعطیلات وحشتناک ترجیح می دهد

Translating… Opinion Opinion Based on the author’s interpretations and judgments of facts, data and events. By Vinay MenonEntertainment Columnist Wed., Dec. 4, 2019timer4 min. read I’m trying to imagine what might happen if, on Christmas morning, I led my wife to the tree, her eyes covered, and then revealed an exercise bike. I’m not saying … Read more

کارگران جنسی در خط مقدم مبارزه با نظارت گسترده و فناوری بزرگ قرار دارند

Translating… The normalization of facial recognition technology and mass surveillance being used to target marginalized communities, whether in the hopes of “saving them” or not, is dangerous. David McNew/Getty Images Last week, sex workers, researchers, journalists, law students and allies met in a lecture room of Austin Hall at Harvard University for Hacking//Hustling @ Harvard. … Read more