In this article you will learn:

  • Why flirting in the train is awesome , how you get away with it and you ensure that you get results .
  • That the direct approach in the train is the dumbest thing you can do. 
  • The number 1 mistake men make when trying to decorate a woman on the train. Hint : in some cases it is better to start early …
  • What is the way to have a conversation with a woman on the train . And how you ensure that you work subtly but effectively towards a date.
  • …and much more.

You’re on the train. Opposite you is one of the most hot women you have ever seen.

You wonder which Playboy poster she has moved away from.

And more important:

How you turn this beauty into your bed

You are a player everywhere

I do not like the word player. It comes across as a man who consciously hurts women.

It is mostly used by thirteen-year-olds who email me if I want to help them become such a player .

And something similar applies to the term “alpha man” .

This is used by lonely guests in their twenties who want to become good with women, but actually suck on all areas of their lives.

Do not give anything brother.

Everyone has had times when he was nothing more than a bitch .

But I can assure you that there is a way out, and it is less difficult than you think.

If you see that beautiful woman, and you’re in the train …

Then realize what the bitch-move is and what the boss-move is.

A bitch thinks: “Huh, we’re on the train. This is not going to be him. “

A boss thinks: “Time to fix her.” And he gets to work.

You can not crawl into the train like a scared mouse because there is too much a woman in front of you, and that same evening in the club 1 take another hot chick home with you.

So if you really want to be good at decorating, then you will have to deepen yourself in situations that other men shy away from.

And to help you with that, I give you 7 tips to flirt in the train.


Tip 1: It can be a bit scarier

eng bangIn my opinion, “flirting in the train” isgreatly inflated.

As if it would be difficult to have a conversation with a stranger.

Yet you are not the only one who fantasizes about that.

Every year there are a few websites or facebook groups / pages where people can post personals if they have seen someone on the train that they like.

Those sites are incredibly hopeless. How great are you considering the chance that the girl you like will see you pass by?

Not very big, hey.

The reason why flirting in the train is scary

If you appeal to a woman in the club, everyone is too busy with themselves.

If you are rejected, that is a cunt, but business as usual. That’s part of it.

But if you start to decorate a woman in a train, and she’ll show you off …

Then the whole train compartment sees that. And you go all the way to their nose.

I can imagine that you will be more anxious because of this.

And that does not matter at all.

In this article I give you enough strategies to tackle it in such a way that it can hardly go wrong.


Flirting in the train is against the social contract

As someone who has traveled the train for two hours every day for two hours, I know exactly how things are going.

People are anxious to stare out and hate their lives. Words are barely exchanged – unless you find someone who likes to talk about you as much as you do.

The rest of the people prefer to remain aloof, especially in rush hour.

It is an awkward silence, and I have no idea how it comes. But I do know that once you learn to deal with this, the train is a perfect place to decorate women.

Yes, it can be a bit scarier. Yes, it goes against how the rest of the coupe behaves.

But at the end of this article, in Tip 7, I will teach you how this all works to your advantage.

For now it is important that if you are sitting in front of that hot chick, you just address her. And that you intend not to break that promise.


But Tim, I find it difficult and I do not know what to do. Help

I understand, homie.

I will help you out by giving my best tips on how to seduce a chick in the train.

Tip 2: Only use the direct approach if you dare

ridiculouslydirectgameIn almost all situations I advise men to go straight to their goal. When it comes to decorating women on the street or in the club.

But in the train is one of those situations in which the indirect approach is almost always better.

You can focus on a direct approach, but you put a lot of pressure on the boiler.

You speak to a woman while there are people around it, and you do not know how it goes beforehand.

That is simply exciting …

If you can handle it – or you are just as self-indulgent as a motherfucker if I have to try everything – then I would not have to wait and just try the direct approach.

But since it is so contrary to what most people do, I can imagine that it deters you.

That is why I tell you that there is no shame at all in order to use a more subtle approach.

One where you go around your goal with a big bow – to come out right in front of her nose later on to make sure that you go all together in the bedroom.

The direct approach is that you show her how attractive you are to her

You give her a compliment and do not underestimate that you want to get to knowh er better.

You can only get away with this if you are a real boss, so I do not recommend it to a beginner.

Tip 3: Use the indirect approach

The train is a place where you can easily start an “innocent conversation” with someone.

What you want to avoid as much as possible is emotional stimulation:

It is totally inappropriate at the moment to make comments that give her (and the people around her) strong emotions.

Instead, it is better to talk, by way of, about the weather or other unimportant things.

Start talking. That is quite a lot

Ask her where she is going. What else she does with her life.

You focus on building a connection from the beginning. You do this by looking for things that you have in common with each other.

And no, I do not mean that you have the same pony pockets in your collection. But if you are similar in character in the same way.

Is she an ambitious woman? Just caring? What shared interests and intentions do you have?

Innocent cup of coffeeAsk “why” questions

If you manage to ask “why” questions during the interview …

… who tell you a lot about how her personality works …

… then this ensures that you feel connected to each other.

After which you can, after a while, suggest “drinking an innocent cup of coffee.”

Make sure she invests in the conversation

But before you can even think about taking her on a date, you want her to invest in the conversation.

By asking you to put back questions, and to make an effort to please you.

If you follow my conversation techniques, you will automatically come out.


Tip 4: Start from the beginning

When you enter that train compartment and see a nice girl, the last thing you have to do is stare at her tits for ten minutes and then try to start a conversation.

As soon as you see her you want to talk to her as soon as possible.

Even if you say “good afternoon” or “hi” on entering alone . It is not normal in the train to talk to a stranger, unless you do so from the beginning.

In addition, everyone is constantly exchanging glances with each other.

If you think about what you want to say to her for half an hour and look at each other all the time, that looks downright stupid and creepy.

It does not matter what you tell her to start the conversation, as long as you open your mouth and start talking to her.


But if you do not know what to say, like most of my customers, you’ll find my secret weapon below to make every chick in the train wet.

Tip 5: Use a contextual opener

Context openerThis means nothing else than talking about something you see.

A stupid remark like “Wow, what a big suitcase. Are you going on a journey? “Is not in place everywhere, except in the train.

Talking about where you are going today, in a nonchalant way, is enough.

To ask a question about the book she is reading also works.

Even if she is wearing headphones, you can ask what music she is listening to.


Tip 6: It does not have to be spectacular

Most men think that with Shakespeare-like quotes they get a woman so wild, that she will come with you in a few minutes to copulate in the toilet.

The reality is rather the opposite:

The last thing you want to do is come across as a slippery ornament. Instead, you want to come across as a regular guest, who wants to have an ordinary conversation.

If she likes you, and you too, the slippery part will come later.

Keep it as simple as possible in the train

You are in a moving vehicle with a lot of other people.

The last thing you have to do is to get your secret decorating techniques for the bar in the barn.

Keep it simple and use my conversation techniques to slowly go from “small talk”to the proposal for a date – via building a connection of course.

If you do this well and are an attractive, confident man , chances are that she says “yes” .

Tip 7: Be aware of your social environment

It is busy in the trainGuest. You’re in a train.

And do you know what it is beautiful?

Most women dream of a beautiful man who tries to seduce them in the train

Conversely, men think it’s tough that you do what they do not dare:

With a woman flirting in a crowded compartment.

Does this mean you have to put it on top of it? No definitely not.

But what you can expect is that if you do, people want to help you a bit.

Why you want to be sympathetic – to all passengers

If you do it in a nice way and do not come across creepy, they find you sympathetic and want your decoration attempt to succeed.

The line between “nice way” and “creepy” is in some cases rather thin. So you better hang on the first side and try like a nice guy who sees a nice girl, then 1 or other oversext Don Juan.

Do not be so nice to completely ignore the further social contract. Be polite to your fellow passengers – or at least do a little bit normal.

If she does not want to, do not continue

If you find that a girl is not waiting to flirt with you, then this is definitely not the place to try again.

In a bar you can make that quiet, because women sometimes reject you because it is possible. In a train you will have to be much more conservative in this and have to let it go.

Because when you switch to the next station, there are again a bunch of new hot chicks sitting opposite you.

So. I wish you good luck with a nice chick picking up today. Go into that train, and score one that you can come home with

Free tip: go daygame at the station. 

And if you have such a chick, it is nice that you can always take her to a coffee place at the station. A Starbucks for example. Home