دوستیابی کوئر در بروکلین؟


I’m doing the OK Cupid thing, but meeting people in person seems like it would save me a lot of messaging only to end up with “oh we have no chemistry.” If I’m a genderqueer woman looking to meet other women to maybe date, are there still physical places where I can do this? Or are internet dating, social hobbies, and friends-of-friends really my only good options?

I’m good at talking to friendly strangers, so that part I’m not worried about. I drink, so bars are fine, although I’d prefer to be able to hear the other person. Money’s tight, so options that are accessible for $20 or less would be great. I’m closer to 40 than 30.

My understanding is that there aren’t any decent lesbian bars left in the city , but I would be happy to be wrong about this.

I’m aware of the “Submit” kink event, and planning to go again eventually, but that’s more of a hookup/play space than a meeting-people-to-date space.

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