برای پیدا کردن یک رابطه جدی ، این سایت های دوست یابی بهترین هستند


When you’re dating to find “the one,” only a handful of dating sites will do. And while there are plenty of options for hooking up, these are the ones that allow you to dive deeper and find someone who’s in it for the long haul.

Your best option


The OG dating site reigns supreme with a proven algorithm and more users than the population of NYC.

By Leah Stodart

Anyone who’s been doing the online dating thing for a while knows that there’s hookup culture and then there’s long-term relationship dating culture. Most online dating sites have a mix of both, and after living with online dating as an increasingly ubiquitous option for the past 20 years, the general public (mostly) sees dating sites as a super normal means to find casual dates or a hookup.

But what if you’re looking for a serious relationship or even something long-term? What if you just don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day ever again? What if you’re over casual dating and just want someone consistent to come home to? What if you have no idea where to start? Keep reading.

Can you really fall in love with someone online?

The long-term potential of online dating is still met with a cloud of doubt. However, new evidence is proving that relationships that started online might have a stronger foundation than those that started offline. A 2017 study cited in the MIT Technology Review found that people who meet online are more likely to be compatible and have a higher chance of a healthy marriage if they decide to get hitched. If marriage is your goal, you’ll be glad to know that another recent study found that heterosexual couples who met online were quicker to tie the knot than couples who met offline. Either way, online dating seems to be a good recipe for a satisfying, long-term relationship whether it involves marriage or not.

No one is saying that online dating is the variable that changes everything, but the research does point to the fact that people who sign up for dating sites that require thoughtful responses are more ready to settle down.

What makes a dating site better for relationships than others?

Do we even need to get into why Tinder is a long shot? Is being introduced to nearly every person in a 10-mile radius worth the shitty bios about The Office or how they’re “not looking for commitment?” Sure, Tinder has its fair share of those lucky success stories, but it’s also the dating app where ghosting, breadcrumbing, and every other disheartening dating trend flourish.

Singles looking for something serious ASAP might get frustrated with sites that only give a limited number of matches per day. But choosing sites that force you to be selective really heightens the focus on what you’re truly looking for in a forever partner — and gets you closer to that cuffing status. 

For online daters who want the power to peruse the dating pool, you need to seek out detailed, high-energy profiles that give a well-rounded idea of who you’re messaging. Swiping is guided by the compatibility ranking that most sites offer, which predicts how well you’ll get along with other daters based on how you both answered questions. Plus, you can tell how much other daters care about the process by how much effort they put into their profile. If a single sentence about being drama free is the extent of someone’s bio, you can assume that 1. they’re not taking this seriously and 2. they create drama.

OkCupid has a particularly strong red flag game: The site has found that personal politics are a major deciding factor for young people choosing a partner, and profile building revolves around make-or-break stances on things like women’s issues or whether they bother to vote. Aside from a compatibility percentage, OkCupid shows what issues the person gives a shit about (or not) so you don’t get stuck on a first date with someone who’s on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Potential dates will analyze your profile so make sure it does you justice

On its face, it makes sense to question the legitimacy of a connection with someone who is only showcasing their best self. But how much more information are you really getting from the tipsy person hitting on you at the bar aside from what they look like IRL? The dating sites that let users express themselves with prompts — from favorite movies to where you want to retire — are setting you up for success by avoiding an unnecessary argument six months in.

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The best way to attract genuine people? Be authentic yourself. That’s easier said than done when your biggest worry is that a truthful answer — like the fact that you might not be as good of a communicator as you would like — will deter “the one” from swiping right. But deep down, you know that lying on a compatibility questionnaire probably won’t lead to a healthy relationship.

Until a smarter AI can read minds and simply ban hookup seekers from serious sites, these are the best datings sites for serious relationships:

Largest user base of all • Lets you choose dealbreakers • New emergency features and AI photo verification coming soon • More laid back profile building than eharmony

Constantly bombarded with notifications • Recent legal issues with FTC • Prices change too often

Match’s proven success rate over the decades and evolving mobile adaptions keep it a go-to for all ages.

1. Match

The OG dating site reigns supreme with a proven algorithm and more users than the population of NYC.

  • Free version: Yes
  • Three months: $25.99/month
  • Six months: $22.99/month
  • One year: $19.99/month

Long-term relationships are the name of the game at Match. You can admit that it’s kind of comforting that you’ve been seeing TV commercials about the success of Match.com for the past 20-some years. Launched in 1995, its decades in the business help Match bring a comforting level of experience to the table for

singles wary about online dating

. The OG site is so confident in the blueprint it’s been perfecting over the years that it guarantees that you’ll find someone in six months. If you don’t, you get six months for free.

Match continues to solidify its spot as a well-rounded choice for all ages because it refuses to get lost as an antiquated, corny dating site.You’re at


tediously scrolling through people Match thinks you’ll like based on shared interests like volunteering or clubbing, pet preferences, whether you want (or have) kids and more. If something like smoking cigarettes is a deal breaker, you can indicate that, too.

Match has

so many online daters

in its arsenal (more than the population of New York City, in fact) that it’s hard to avoid the notification onslaught even if you live in a less-populated area. However, it should slow down once the algorithm starts learning about your swiping behaviors.

Most of us would like to believe that anyone paying $20 per month is genuinely looking for a seriously relationship, but Match has had its fair share of extreme catfishing (like the guy who

claimed to be a millionaire

and then scammed $80,000 from the woman he was talking to). But they’re working to make this better. In fact, Match.com is set to follow Tinder as the

second Match Group app

to utilize location-based emergency services via Noonlight as well as photo verification to authenticate users and ensure that they’re the same person that’s in their profile pictures.

Queer friendly and inclusive • Lots of users • Expands compatibility to those with similar social justice views • Modern redesign that’s genuinely fun to navigate

Millennials who follow current events will enjoy OkCupid’s Tumblr-esque design and the focus on multi-faceted matching.

2. OkCupid

Singles who will only get serious with woke people will appreciate OkCupid’s liberal matchmaking.

  • Free version: Yes
  • One month: $9.95/month
  • Three months: $7.95/month
  • Six months: $4.95/month

For young, liberal voters, politics aren’t just a “well if we agree, it’s great” thing when looking for a serious partner — it’s the make or break for a solid foundation. OkCupid’s 2017 redesign is more than just millennial aesthetics: It’s geared toward ensuring that you don’t end up on a date with someone who doesn’t pay attention. The addition of 12 gender identities and 20 sexual orientations also makes it a safer space for non-binary and queer individuals to find love while using the pronouns they love.

Don’t let OkCupid’s cheeky ads about being “left-leaning” (like politics, but also…you know) make you put it in the “hookup” category. The focus on such

weighted issues

and profiles that require thought are a pretty big deterrent for people who aren’t taking dating seriously, and you can tell that most users are putting effort into finding lasting connections. Users can illuminate the issues they hold dear and

weed out

people they’d want to argue with by answering deal-breakers like “Would you date someone who keeps a gun in the house?” or “Should the government require children be vaccinated for preventable diseases?”

Liberal ladies found that this worked to their advantage

, as OkCupid’s own statistics found that liberal-leaning answers made users 80% more likely to find love on the site.

Politics aren’t the only compatibility factor here. OKCupid has in-depth user bios, but profile building isn’t long or tedious at all — the questions are smart and dive into your dating style without being too mushy. You’ll even get to see the percentage of how much you have in common with other daters based on the questions you both answer. It’s an algorithm that OKC has been perfecting since their launch and we love them for that.

High success rate speaks for itself • Questionnaire makes you think about what you need to work on • Super user-friendly

Historically not super friendly to LGBTQ

If you’re laser-focused on hetero matrimony, this is the dating site you’ve been waiting for.

3. eharmony

Casual daters and liberal folks will feel smothered here, but conservative, marriage-minded people will love the focus on settling down.

  • Free version: Yes
  • Three months: $54.95/month
  • Six months: $36.95/month
  • One year: $22.95/month

Ever see a commercial for eharmony and wonder if a dating site that corny actually works? Weirdly enough, it does. A spokesperson for the site says it’s been used by 54 million people, and is apparently responsible for 4 percent of U.S. marriages. That doesn’t mean you’re going to walk down the aisle within the first year, but it at least narrows your options to singles who are open to being exclusive, meeting the family, or moving in together.

As you might expect from a site that’s all about settling down and getting married, the sign-up process is a doozy.


uses a comprehensive questionnaire with 29 dimensions to match you with people based on your long-term compatibility.  You’ll rate yourself on prompts like “I’m an honest partner,” with sliding scale responses. There’s also a lot about church. (Pro tip: If finding someone who loves church as much as you do is really important, then eharmony is a good option.) 

On paper, asking deep questions like these right off the bat makes total sense when pairing two people together — but they’re


basic. Then again, eharmony

promises to pay for three months

if you’re not satisfied after those three months, so they’re clearly pretty confident that all of those questions work.

Profiles also look really nice, like a fancy résumé designed by a graphic designer. You even have the option to put your favorite TV shows, music, sports, and more on your profile.

It should be noted that eharmony hasn’t always felt like a welcoming place to members of the LGBTQ community. 

Following a 2010 lawsuit

, their gay and lesbian spin-off site Compatibility Partners has been folded into eharmony’s overall site, but users on Reddit as recently as 2019 say that it still seems geared more toward straight people. 

Rapidly-growing user base • High statistics for second dates • One of the first swiping apps to actually use an algorithm • Informative bios with unique criteria like stance on weed

Filtering by height no longer a free feature • Have to pay for unlimited matches

A trendy, more serious Tinder alternative, Hinge wants to find you a relationship so you can delete the app all together.

4. Hinge

Millennials finally have an algorithm-oriented swiping app that’s less “Wanna bang?” than Tinder.

  • Free version: Yes
  • One month: $12.99/month
  • Three months: $6.99/month
  • Six months: $4.99/month

Young people looking to at


go on a few dates with the same person instead of everything turning into a friends with benefits situation was a major blind spot for dating sites — until Hinge blew up. The premise and user base might be in the same realm as apps like Tinder and Bumble, but Hinge’s unique profile criteria and

algorithms based on that criteria

set the scene for matches with real-life, long-term potential.

Despite the fact that we’re actively seeking out new dating apps and feel a rush every time a cute contender swipes right back, no one looking for something serious


to be on these. The whole point of online dating is to find your person so you can stop looking for your person. That’s the whole idea behind Hinge’s 2019 rebrand to “the dating app designed to be deleted.” But catchy slogans mean nothing without real-world success. Thankfully, these

Hinge statistics

offer a vote of confidence for anyone who’s skeptical about whether dating behind a screen can actually foster serious connections IRL. Beta trials of a feature called “We met” asked Hinge users how the first date went. Some 90% said the first date was great and 72% said they’d be down for a second date.

There’s a common understanding among users that Hinge isn’t just for sex, but there’s no pressure to rush into a relationship either. Instead of extensive cheesy questionnaires and spam emails about the 50 winks you were sent, Hinge uses your personal prompts, ethnicity, religion, education, and more to find you anywhere from five to 15 matches per day. Prompts range from “The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done” to “Two truths and a lie.” Seems like a good recipe for a first convo that’s


about sex, right?

High price weeds out people who don’t take dating seriously • Low chance of getting catfished • Recent update makes questionnaire more fun

Subscription prices are ridiculously high • Distance filter starts at 50 miles • Might get suggestions that don’t match your filters

You can speak your love language *and* money language here, but it takes a high disposable income to justify these prices.

5. Elite Singles

A place for career-oriented individuals to connect and who don’t have the time to swipe right.

  • Free version: Yes
  • Three months: $69.95/month
  • Six months: $53.95/month
  • One year: $39.95/month

It only takes dating one person with completely different professional goals or spending habits to make you realize that a relationship can’t stay afloat on romance alone. For those unwilling to budge when it comes to their partner’s educational values and career goals, EliteSingles attempts to offer a more established pool than the wider dating pools of eharmony or Match.
EliteSingles loves to brag that 82% of their members are college grads, and with most of its members between the age of 33-50, we can pretty surely say you won’t have to worry about accidentally coming across a fresh college graduate. College kids wouldn’t be down to pay $50 per month on a dating site anyway, and neither would people who are only looking for a friend with benefits situation. They can do that on Tinder for free. That high subscription price is just another giveaway that EliteSingles is targeted toward serious folks with a disposable income who are ready to focus on someone with an equally-mature lifestyle.
Mixed online reviews make it difficult to justify that price point, though. Matches might be further away than you indicated in your mile range and, unfortunately, it’s hard for EliteSingles (or any dating website) to verify that someone makes the amount of money that they claim to make. However, it’s comforting to know that all profiles are manually verified and that your money is going toward an upscale fraud detection system.
Some 29 different matching algorithms mesh together to find singles that complement your attachment style, selfishness, and more important personality type stuff. Strewn throughout the mundane sections are laid back questions like “Do you like sleeping with the window open?” and “Which of these foods would you like the best?” It’s no five-minute signup, but at least it covers all your bases.

Clear and easy to navigate • Made for older people who want to meet older people without fishing through eharmony

The site doesn’t reveal premium prices until you sign up • Expensive

SilverSingles is a good option for those with limited internet experience who only want to meet people their age.

6. SilverSingles

Instead of fishing through eharmony’s age filters, SilverSingles is dedicated to finding romance later in life.

  • Free version: Yes
  • Three months: $44.95/month
  • Six months: $34.95/month
  • One year: $24.95/month

Dating over 50 means that, more than likely, this is your second or third attempt at love. When Match.com or eharmony’s user bases still pose too much of a never-married-with-no-kids crowd, SilverSingles is here to let you know that putting yourself back out there doesn’t have to be scary. 

You’re not alone here:

50% of marriages in the US end in divorce

. It’s no surprise that many men and women are finding themselves in the online dating world during their golden years. Because SilverSingles wants to ensure that your next relationship is your happily ever after, the sign-up process and questionnaires will take a good bit of time to asses the type of partner you are. The site will use your info to send you five of its best matches per day.

A sister site to EliteSingles, SilverSingles uses the same intense compatibility system that EliteSingles does, bringing in the popular big five personality traits to assess five levels of your being: openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. If you’ve heard of Senior Singles Meet in the past, SilverSingles is that same site with a rebrand — so they’ve actually been working on mastering the five factor model in tandem with senior dating for about two decades.

If you were worried about online dating because of the whole “technology” thing, don’t worry. The site is easy to navigate and clearly lays out the path to a premium membership, which will get you unlimited messaging with matches among other convenient features. Creeps are weeded out by a high-end verification process and you can report any user who’s acting suspicious or inappropriate.

Can choose to only see users who are also looking for commitment • Safer space than Grindr • Has a “friend mode” • Users must verify identity on Facebook

Less than half of Grindr’s user base • No real compatibility algorithm

Grindr’s aggressive atmosphere has some men turning to Chappy, a respectful space where you can indicate intentions.

7. Chappy

Gay men who want something real can use the app’s toggle button to indicate that they want a relationship.

  • Free version: Yes

Grindr is kind of like a right of passage. With a whole decade of being the

number one gay dating app

under its belt, it’s likely the first gay dating app that a lot of men download. But if you’re looking for a relationship, it’s probably not the last. Bumble’s parent company noticed that there was a spot to be filled for gay men who wanted something more than that intimidatingly horny, dick pic-filled atmosphere. 

Chappy offers a safe space for users who aren’t quite ready to be thrown to the wolves. The site’s whole ethos is built around “The Chappy Pledge,” which asks users to vow to be respectful and to not shame or demean others based on looks. It also requires users to verify their identity through Facebook to avoid catfishing. 

To ensure that no one’s intentions are getting mixed up, there’s a sliding bar at the top of the app where you can indicate whether you’re looking for Mr. Right (a long-term relationship) or Mr. Right Now (a hookup ASAP). Aside from that, the functionality essentially mimics Tinder swiping through nearby people who are usually showing their face rather than their abs. There’s no real algorithm to up the chances of compatibility even if you opt for Mr. Right, but at least it helps avoid the “What are you looking for?” talk. 

Men who aren’t looking for commitment but rather just want a gay gym buddy can use “Friend mode.” The feature was launched in partnership with the

Trevor Project

(the leading nonprofit in preventing suicide and providing supportive communities for LGBTQ youth) to cultivate supportive, platonic friendships within its user base.

Chance to get involved in local queer events • Facebook verification confirms that the girls are actually girls • Special place in bio for sexuality and pronouns • Four million users and growing quickly

Not as successful in small towns • Full of users complaining about being single • Only shows matches based on age and location • Occasional biphobia

HER is a rapidly-growing safe space for queer women to make meaningful connections, but there’s no real algorithm.

8. HER

A queer-women-only app that connects you with girls who *aren’t* straight women looking for a threesome with their boyfriend.

  • Free version: Yes

Between creepy men pretending to be women and straight girls looking for a threesome with their boyfriend, most heteronormative dating sites don’t give lesbians or bi women a great shot at finding a relationship. HER, an award-winning app made for queer women by queer women, is the perfect place to go if you’re tired of the only lesbian you know being your ex girlfriend. 

The app that wants to “introduce you to every lesbian you’ve ever wanted to meet” is growing rapidly: HER has ballooned to 4.5 million users since its rebrand in 2015, and

according to Statista

, that’s pretty damn close to what Bumble is working with — and they’re ALL. WOMEN. If you tried HER a few years ago and were discouraged by swiping through the same people, your experience will be much different this time around.

In summer 2019, HER revamped its minimalistic profiles to let users get more creative in categories like gender, sexuality pronouns, diet preference نشانه ها ، و ستاره ها ، و همچنین “این به چه معنی است؟” در زمینه های جنسیت ، جنسیت و ضمایر زمینه ایجاد هویت هر چه بهتر از هویت را بدست آورید. همچنین فضایی برای متن بیوگرافی وجود دارد که می توانید حس شوخ طبعی خود را به نمایش بگذارید یا توصیف کنید که چه نوع رابطه ای را دنبال می کنید.

فقدان هیچ علم واقعی در پشت مسابقات و سن و سال گذشته یک سنگر مهم است ، اما برخلاف Tinder ، این بدان معنی نیست که شما با یک پرشور قلاب خفه می شوید. جستجوی #wemeton اینجا در اینستاگرام باید همه اثبات موفقیت شگفت انگیز موفقیت مورد نیاز شما باشد.

سایتهای دوست یابی که برای تماس های غنیمت بهتر بعد از شکستن هستند h2>

بنابراین همه چیز با شخصی که فکر می کردید برای همیشه با آنها بوده اید ، کار نکرد؟ قبل از اینکه دوباره به دنبال عشق بگردید ، به خود فرصت دهید تا التیام یابد – اما به هر حال ، کاری را انجام دهید که نمی توانستید در حالی که در یک رابطه بودید انجام دهید.

زهر خود را انتخاب کنید: فقدان یک الگوریتم ، عدم وجود بایوس با هرگونه اطلاعات معنی دار یا نبود کاربرانی که به چهره شما اهمیت می دهند تا زمانی که عکسهای واضح تری داشته باشند. اگر از افرادی که فقط رابطه جنسی می خواهند خسته شوید ، این سایت های دوست یابی نیستند

آسان و آنی • پایگاه کاربر گسترده در نزدیکی • سرگرم کننده اضافی در طول سفر

خیلی زیاد چرخش • در کنار هیچ فیلتر • الگوریتم مطابقت واقعی • فقط دو گزینه جنسیت وجود دارد

برنامه OG swiping که در آن هر کسی را که می شناسید پیدا خواهید کرد ، یک تن از افرادی که شما آنها را نمی شناسید و یک تاریخ کمتر از 10 دقیقه است.

9. Tinder

برنامه کشویی OG که در آن باید بتوانید در کمتر از 10 دقیقه یک تاریخ داغ پیدا کنید.

  • نسخه رایگان: آره
  • یک ماه Tinder Plus: 14.99 دلار در ماه
  • شش ماه از Tinder Plus: 10 دلار در ماه
  • یک سال Tinder Plus: 6.67 دلار در ماه
چه کسی برای این افراد است: strong>

به معنای واقعی کلمه همه.

چرا عالی است: strong>

بیایید این یکی را از حالت خارج کنیم. اگر به فکر دوستیابی برنامه ها هستید ، به فکر Tinder هستید. آنها پیشگام عملكرد پرتلاش و كنترل همه جا بودند ، انقلابی در دنیای دیدارهای آنلاین و افتخار 1.6 میلیارد ضربه تند وشدید زدن در روز. آنچه که به سختی یک برنامه مهم دستی شروع شده است ، به یکی از بزرگترین سازگاری های جهان تبدیل شده است. اگر به شما یک سری عکس ارائه شده است ، اگر دوست دارید آنچه می بینید و در صورت عدم دوست دارید ، انگشت خود را به سمت راست بکشید. وقتی هر دوی شما به یکدیگر علاقه نشان می دهند ، اعلان می دهید که این مسابقه است. منظورم این است که ، “Tindering” به همان اندازه یک فعل است که در این مرحله تند تکان می خورد. p>

ممکن است Tinder بخواهد به این ترتیب تبلیغ نکند ، اما همه ما می دانیم که بیشتر برای چه استفاده می شود. شما کاملاً به معنای واقعی کلمه تصمیم می گیرید که آیا می خواهید با کسی ارتباط برقرار کنید و به غیر از تصاویر پروفایل و نقل قولی از


باشد ، بنابراین بله ، می بینید که چطور وضع می شود هدف اصلی اکثر کاربران باشد – اما سلام ، همه ما آن زوج هایی را می شناسیم که در تیندر ملاقات کرده اند و سالها با هم بوده اند. سریع ، آسان است و اگر برنامه ای وجود داشته باشد که حتی خجالتی ترین ، افراد تردید کننده در آن حضور داشته باشند ، Tinder است. جهنم ، حتی افراد مشهور هم اکنون می توانند نمایه های مربوطه را در آنجا تأیید کنند (به معنی بله ، شما می توانید با یکی از p> Hollywood Chrises

ممکن است خیلی تونل کارپال بزنید ، اما حدس می زنم این بدان معنی است که یافتن کسی که DTF را پیدا کند ، غیرممکن است. p>

برای استفاده عمومی رایگان است ، اما Tinder دو نسخه به روزرسانی ارائه می دهد: p> Tinder Plus و Tinder Gold

. این

شامل موارد اضافی

دوست دارید انگشت خود را به چپ بکشید (برکت دهید) ، “سوپر لایک” را برای افرادی که


به آن دارید ارسال کنید ، و در مورد از Tinder Gold ، ببینید کدام یک از کاربران نمایه شما را دوست دارند. ثبت نام کنید



پایه کاربر گسترده • دوستانه LGBTQ • تن از ویژگی های رضایت حداکثر • پرسشنامه های شیمی در واقع مناسب و معقول هستند

طرح منسوخ و غیر جذاب • سایت کل به نظر می رسد تبلیغات پورنو آلوده به ویروس • بهترین ویژگی ها گران قیمت هستند

اگر می توانید از این واقعیت که به نظر می رسد مانند یک تبلیغ برای یک باشگاه استریپ متروکه است ، رضایت خود را جلب کنید و رضایت بیشتری را پیدا کنید.

10. AdultFriendFinder

فیلم های زنده و بازدید کنندگان ماهانه بیشتر از eharmony ، AFF را برای یافتن یک اتفاق ناچیز ، عالی می کند.

  • نسخه رایگان: آره
  • سازگاری برنامه دوستیابی: از نظر فنی بله ، اما پیچیده است – فقط به نسخه دسک تاپ بپیوندید
  • یک ماه: 30 دلار در ماه
  • سه ماه: 20 دلار در ماه
  • یک سال: 15 دلار در ماه

انتخاب ما برای بهترین سایت قلاب است و به همین دلیل است که به معنای واقعی کلمه غیر ممکن است دور شوید. اگرچه بسیاری از جوانان از Tinder برای پیدا کردن رابطه جنسی گاه به گاه استفاده می کنند ، AFF بالغ تر است – مانند Pornhub که می توانید با آن تعامل برقرار کنید. صرف نظر از این که آیا شما به دنبال قلاب حضوری هستید یا بخاطر اینکه فیلم های زیرزمینی یا ویدیوهای sexting را بخورد ، بخار را از بین ببرد ، AFF همه چیزهایی را دارد که ذهن کثیف شما می تواند به آن فکر کند p> و بیشتر

تقریباً هیچ چیز مبهم نیست (خیر ، واقعاً عکسهای دیک غیرمجاز زیادی وجود دارد) ، اما اگر توجه نکنید که کل موضوع به نظر می رسد مانند یک تبلیغ “در منطقه شما تک آهنگ های داغ وجود دارد” ، شما در آن قرار خواهید گرفت بهشت. p>

با بیش از 25 میلیون کاربر ماهانه (این بیش از


) و همچنین گزینه های ویدیوی زنده ، اتاق های گفتگو ، گروه برای پیوندهای فوق العاده خاص و موارد دیگر ، احتمالاً می توانید فرض کنید که این سایت تا چه اندازه وحشی است. اما چنین گروه بزرگی و متنوعی از مسابقات بالقوه وجود دارد ، شما به احتمال زیاد افراد متفکر دیگری را پیدا خواهید کرد ، این باعث تعجب می شود که تمام کارهایی که می خواهید انجام دهید این است که با شخصی که در همان صفحه شماست در ارتباط باشید. بخشی که انتظار ندارید این واقعیت است که آنها سؤالات سازگاری و خدمات خواستگاری ارائه می دهند ، زیرا آنها em> این هدف هستند که قصد پیدا کردن شما را ندارند.

امتیاز دیگر این است که


مانند نسخه سایت دوست یابی شهر نیویورک است (AKA آن هرگز نمی خوابد). افرادی را پیدا خواهید کرد که به طور منظم 9-5 کار کنند ، افرادی که در شیفت شب کار می کنند و افرادی در مناطق دیگر زمان هستند ، بنابراین ورود به سیستم تقریباً غیرممکن است و افرادی برای گفتگو ندارند. AdultFriendFinder مانند تماس غنیمت است که هنگام ارسال متن آنها همیشه بیدار است.

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